Are O Henri

Are O Henri Cast - Theatre Play of Ahmedabad


  • START DATE: 2015-03-06 18:00:00
  • END DATE: 2015-03-06 22:00:00

  • LOCATION: Gujarat University Conventional Centre, Ahmedabad

The Play is written by the famous writer Gulzar and is directed by Salim Arif. Artists like Jameel Khan, Lubna Salim, Bakul Thakkar swooned the audience with their performance.Gulzar casts a spell right at the outset by giving the title of 'Arrey O Henry'. He Indianises four lesser known stories and keeps the viewers tethered to their seats right through the awesome foursome - Shaadi Kara Lo, Nuskha, Madam and Bal Bal Bache. Gulzar's dialogue is simple and effective, very competently delivered by the entire cast - conjuring up the right mood and atmosphere. The stories have been so well adapted to the local culture that they feel rooted to the soil. And therefore very convincing. The Facebook & Newspaper Ads brought this play to the limelight.Coconut Event successfully turned this play into a marvelous memory for the audience.