Blame It on Yashraj

Blame It On Yashraj - Theatre Play held on 2015 at Ahmedabad


  • START DATE: 2015-05-08 18:00:00
  • END DATE: 2015-05-08 20:00:00

  • LOCATION: Gujarat University Conventional Centre, Ahmedabad

Behind every good concept, there is a powerful script which adds color in making the final product, a masterpiece. Todays Indian theatre culture, highlights its authenticity by showcasing an intriguing take upon cinema and Bollywood films specifically. One such instance of that is Ashwin Gidwanis Blame It on Yash Raj, written & directed by well-known theatre personality, Bharat Dabholkar.

Blame It on Yash Raj tackles the quintessential perceptions that one holds about the concept of a typical Bollywood wedding, through the spectacle of a tummy-tickling story, which revolves around a Punjabi/Bengali family of a daughter, marrying a Muslim boy. What lies in the days ahead before they tie the knot, is a series of larger-than-life, vibrant and glamorous preparations, with every aspect of the logistics concerning the wedding. Until, it culminates into a typical Yashraj style marriage celebration.

The Facebook & Newspaper Ads brought this play to limelight