Corporate Event HPCL Mumbai 2018

Coconut event management managed corporate event of HPCL Mumbai women's  Day refinery meet 2018.


  • START DATE: 2018-02-03 09:00:00
  • END DATE: 2018-02-04 20:00:00

  • LOCATION: Hinjawadi, Pune

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited celebrated Womens Day, where they appreciated the female employees of HPCL. HPCL-Refinery Division organised this gathering in the spirit of women empowerment, recognizing the input by women in building the world around us. The event was themed as Trailblazers in light of the path that these women are walking with a blazing fire they carry within themselves. Women are scaling peaks of success as corporate leaders, medical professionals, fashion, creative and other professional fields. HPCL salutes the women who are participating in the generally male dominated technical industry such as a petroleum refinery.

The event was a two-day ceremony where the lovely ladies of HPCL Refinery were treated to entertainment, inspiration and motivation. They spent an exquisite evening with music, dance and dinner by the pool in an open air ensemble. After a relaxing evening the women started the morning shining bright with enthusiasm as the amazingly inspiring SudhaChandran shared a few stories and words of encouragement to further flame the spirit of women empowerment. The day concluded on a lighter note filled with fun and laughter with stand-up comedian Kunal Rao.

With the women pillars of the company feeling loved, honoured and eager to make a difference with their actions, the event was concluded as a success. #She2018

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