6 ways to make your corporate event “De-Lightful” #EMC

There are almost thousands of different combinations for an event to look “delightful”.

6 ways to make your corporate event “De-Lightful”

#1 Use LEDs for event lighting

LEDs are the best way to light up an event the LED strip lights nowadays are used for almost everything and it is due to easy installation and easy removal as well. It is available in white light and RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) as well.

#2 Clever Heads

A moving or ‘Clever’ head is basically a smart light that is controlled using motors and commands. Such lights could be used in an event where you would like someone moving to have an illumination on them or events which require moving strobe lights and effects.

#3 Pixel mapping

Lights here are nothing but set of LCDS or LEDS that work together to form an image populated by pixels which is the best way to grab the eyes of the people who are attending your event. Such a setup can be easily utilized in live concerts and goes well with a musical event.

#4 Happy Tubes

Yes, “Happy tubes”, the name might sound funny at first but it does what it stands for. The mesmerizing power of lights through RGB Tube lights not only makes you feel happy but also make you fall in a trance when it runs alongside an event that coincides or compliments the colors of it through music or art.

#5 The Gobo

A gobo light is basically used to brand an event as you can use it to display any text with any form using Gobo light. Brand your event on walls, floors or even the ceilings.

#6 Real-time editing

When you deal with a large audience you would want to repeat some of the moments of the event. In order to do that, real time editing and displaying the same is necessary for the event to be successful.

Now that you have knowledge about some of the lights that you could use in an event there are insights that you need to come up with in order to draw the requirements for your events.

• The mood of the event and the color combination required for the same.
• Choose your lighting options according to the mood of the event.
• Train yourself with the latest technologies in lighting so that the operation is performed with ease and perfection.
• The entire event should be drawn with a concept and the lights you choose should complement the same so that the visitor would have a long lasting impression on their minds.

By Coconut Event, an event management company in Mumbai.