8 Types of People you meet at a Concert.

Concerts are basically one of the best ways of having fun people who go to concerts always look forward to have a blast of entertainment. There are different reasons why concerts are attended. Also there are certain types of people you’ll meet at a concert.

#1 Devoted Fan Girl.

It's fun to see how these fan girls are filled with so much of joy. Recklessly shouting and going crazy simply because here's their chance to have a glance at their favorite celebrity and over excitedly grooving on their music. No matter which concert you go to you'll always find these overwhelmed fan girls.

#2 The Stereotypical Couples.

Love is everywhere? So are these couples, whether it be a cinema house or a concert you'll definitely find couples spending their merry time together. Obviously it's a bit too much annoying sometimes but yes you will have to face at least one couple going hand in hand throughout the concert. Such typical lovebirds are there in every concert.

#3 The Selfie Addict.

We all have that friend who clicks billions of selfies, these people are so engrossed in posing for their clicks that they actually miss out and let go of the fun filtered night. So you like it or not these kind of people are the mandatory ones you'll see at any concert.

#4 The One Who SnapChats the Entire Concert.

Yes I'm talking about all the SnapChat addicts who just can't resist putting thousands of stories on Snapchat, to let people know that they're enjoying a concert even if they aren't. Either they are way too excited to be at a concert or they just have to flaunt it off to people out there but whatever the reason is these silly are guaranteed to found in concerts.

#5 The Giant Barrier.

In the urge to move forward to the stage and enjoy the concert even better you'll surely find a great barrier of giants, these really tall people who not only block your way but also interrupt your view. It's even worse if you're short but this is a pretty obvious thing that happens in concerts so you need to learn to deal with it or else ignore the view and just enjoy the music.

#6 The Critics.

Besides all the applause, come the critics who are intensely dissatisfied with the concert or maybe something about the concert. They clearly don't enjoy the concert and either keep criticizing it or just walk out before it ends. Well we can't blame them, choices differs with everyone and the concert may just not fit their taste.

#7 The One Who Knows All The Lyrics.

It's not surprising to find people who know literally all the lyrics of each and every song sung in the concert. Their level of music is higher than any skyscraper. They have their own mantras to by heart the lyrics or maybe they're just so fond of it that it happens. But standing next to them in a concert will surely make you feel as if you know nothing so if you're not one of them then be prepared to meet such people in concerts.

#8 The Lucky One.

After so much of efforts to come close to stage. There'll be that one lucky person who accidently gets a chance to shake hands with one of the band member or sometimes are dragged on the stage to join them, it surely becomes a moment to remember for that person. So cross your fingers you never know if you ever get this chance to be the lucky one.

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By Coconut Event, an event management company in Mumbai.