9 Factors you need to be aware about before choosing your venue for your corporate event. #EMC

Now that you’re aware of different types of corporate events, activities and lighting do you still feel “out of place”? Well, here you would find how to actually decide upon a venue based on following factors.

9 Factors you need to be aware of before choosing your venue for your corporate event.

#1 Accessibility

The venue should be easily reachable and enterable by the visitors. Accessibility is defined by the number of people that would attend your event and gather at what particular time, Based on that you determine whether the venue is easily accessible for your event or not.

#2 Accommodations

If the people who’re attending your event are traveling long distances then there should be accommodation for them which should be close by to the venue that you select for your event, the reason being traveling causes people to get exhausted and won’t be able to partake in the event to the fullest.

#3 Availability

While planning the event and selecting the venue the most important factor that determines the rest of the plan and affects the entire event is the availability of the venue for your event on the particular date that you’ve been looking out for.

#4 Suitability

The corporate event venue should be suitable for the client’s brand, prestige, requirement and the demographic that would be visiting the event.

#5 Costs

Venue costs are calculated with respect to not only the place itself but also other miscellaneous charges such as electricity, using the in-house audio equipment and also take care of damage cost if any occurred. Based on all those factors you need to assign an amount to the venue while preparing a budget for the event.

#6 Staffing

Staffing is one of the main concerns while organizing an event because you need your event to be following all the hospitality guidelines or else the entire effort of having a wonderful event goes into the drain if your service falls under the category of concerns. To avoid such issues all you have to do is make sure you hire right people for the job and make sure they follow the hospitality guidelines.

#7 Facilities

The venue is not only for arranging a stage but also accommodate a large group of people for few hours minimum. During these hours the venue should be able to provide basic necessities such as toiletries, parking ATM machines etc.

#8 Branding

The venue needs to have a brand of its own to take care of client’s prestige and to meet client’s standards.

#9 Food and Beverage

Food and beverage should be one of the most important items on any event planning list. The important factors that should never be looked upon while arranging this item are Costs, quality, feasibility, quantity, storage and arrangements required while preparation of food and beverage.

By Coconut Event, an event management company in Mumbai.